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Proud members of  trusted organizations that help people to succeed in recovery. 


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Acceptance House Sober Living

We Are Family

ACCEPTANCE HOUSE SOBER LIVING is more than just a recovery residence.

We are a family, building a foundation for long term recovery.

“It has saved my life. It has given me a lovely home to live where there is structure and rules. Living here has taught me how to live a normal and productive life again. Being a part of this house has given me a great recovery support system of women. It has been my safe haven during my recovery process and I am grateful for this house and the recovery program.” ~Renee P.


We provide a safe, clean, structured environment for those in early recovery. We assist our residents by making resources for successful recovery, personal growth, and professional development available and easily accessible.  We offer encouragement and support along the way. Although recovery is a personal journey in many ways, we believe that victories no matter how small should be celebrated. This is why our family environment is so important, We Believe in You! 

Never Give Up Hope